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We build world class web, mobile and IoT apps for high impact industries.
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We are niche software development consulting company. Our working style is different than most "agencies" because we work long-term with our clients building out their high impact technology by becoming our customer's technology division and taking on the responsibilities of the CTO-level down.

We use the latest technology and invent new technology. We value business sense as well as technical skill. We are based in San Francisco, but our team lives in many places around the world. Sometimes, we also launch our own products.

Useful IO has been writing software for very successful companies in Silicon Valley since 2011. Collectively, the team has founded 6 startups. We've given tech talks in SF, Tokyo, Paris, London, Athens, Warsaw and Taipei.

Working at Useful IO

  • Location

    100% Remote. Work wherever you're most comfortable, during the hours you like the most.

  • Team

    For once, like your teammates. Work with people who are excited about technology, excited about helping people, good at what they do, and also know how to have fun together.

  • Customers

    High Impact. We don't do blogs and things like that. We build stuff for industries like healthcare and agriculture.

  • Projects

    Large. You'll constantly be doing new things, but you'll also have the consistency of longlived projects where you get to know the business and help make decisions.

  • Improvement

    Learn on the job. What you don't know when you get here, we'll help you or sponsor you to learn.

  • Technology

    We use Slack, Asana, Meteor, Serverless, React, ReactNative, GraphQL, Github, Bitbucket, Galaxy, AWS, Intercom, Compose and Mongo Atlas on a daily basis. You are encouraged to introduce the best tools to help you with your job.

  • Pay

    Monthly or Hourly, based on your experience and your primary location. Pay grows with responsibilities.

  • Travel

    You can if you want to. Once you're hired, you'll find out more. :)

Our Principles

  • Change is necessary.

    ExampleThe right solution today might be the wrong solution tomorrow, and that's ok. Sometimes we have weekly meetings, some times we don't, it depends on if it's the best way to collaborate.

  • Do things for a reason.

    ExampleLots of teams get sucked into busy work. We train our clients and ourselves to ask for things that matter and only do those things. We're constantly working to eliminate waste.


San Francisco, CA, USA
No. 182, Yongji Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110

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